Witch Queen / Catherina
Illustrator KIRAN


30 3
0 0 3 3
Card type Character
- / Archmage
Rarity *****
Falkow 'Big brother, why ever would you come to this mansion?'

A witch who lives in an old mansion that cannot be found on any map, even by one who's been there before. Legends say she is able to make drugs with powers that can surpass magic potions, and even grant eternal life.

Skills Edit

Wonder Drug SP 0 Skill soul

Remove from the game three random cards from your Cemetery.
Blue Miracle Drug SP 0 Skill open

[conditional use/Falkow level exactly 2] Increase your Falkow level by one.
Miracle Drug of Power SP 0 Skill action

One friendly unit gets AT+10.
Miracle Drug of Vitality SP 0 Skill action

One friendly unit with a DF of 10 or lower gets DF+10, except this unit.
Miracle Drug of Youth SP 0 Skill action

One friendly unit gets AGI+1.

Availability Edit

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